Heather Stern

Heather Stern

(408) 761-4912
903 Harriet Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008

email: star_seeking
domain: starshine.org


To apply my diverse skills and talents with Open Source software to make my workplace a productive environment every day.

Skills and Qualifications

Operating Systems

Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows


X Windows, Apache and other web servers, Wikis, Sendmail, Postfix and other Email servers


Perl, Python, Javascript, CSS, HTML, PHP

Network Management

BIND and other DNS, IPSec, Security

Employment History

Starshine Technical Services

1996 - present

Two-person consulting firm, advising local small and medium sized businesses and organizations on best opportunities for use of Open Source software and hybrid Open Source/commercial software solutions. Complete turnkey services, including evaluation, selection, installation, configuration, deployment, and training are provided to customers according to their needs. Also, a training provider to enterprise class businesses - prominent clients have included Cadence, XenSource, and LinuxCare.


Senior SQA Engineer
3/2006 - 12/2007

Responsible for a wide variety of duties both QA and development related, including developing software to inspect large datasets and validate, package, and deliver the data; visual inspection of data; release management; internal support; and verification of documentation as well as myriad other tasks as they came up.


Sr. Support Engineer-- Debian specialist
2/2000 - 11/2000

Front-line customer support, escalation support, and custom configuration of Debian and other Open Source software for a variety of high-profile customers and major accounts.

Ricoh Advanced Development Center

Systems Administrator
7/1998 - 3/1999

Supported a research group and their FreeBSD workstations as well as aiding Quality Assurance engineers testing their user interfaces from a Windows environment. Provided back-up support for Solaris system administrator at a remote site.

McAfee Associates

Various Positions
1/1995 - 1/1998

Positions held included Senior Technical Support Representative, Internal Training Specialist (troubleshooting and new Operating Systems), Sales Escalation for Technical Issues, Forum Manager (AOL On-Line Support Forum), Lead Technician (Saber/Brightworks Merge project), VIP support technician, QA and Release Engineering, Internal Webmaster, and Systems Administrator.

Symantec (Peter Norton Group)

Internal Technical Specialist

Escalation point for cross-product issues, training, and documentation review of Symantec's Eugene, Oregon unit. Also considered a specialist in Windows-based scripting languages and regularly called upon to facilitate internal tools development and optimization.


Call Center Specialist
8/1992 - 8/1993

Regularly assigned to special projects and eventually promoted to Staff Statistician. In this later role, I was a member of a team comprised largely of management and vice presidents responsible for developing metrics, analytics, and tools to optimize staffing needs and planning resulting in significant savings to the company over a very short period of time.

Community Involvement

Bay LISA (Bay Area Large Installation Systems Administrators)

Board of Directors 1998 - 2005
member since 1995


member since 1995

SAGE -- USENIX Systems Administrator's Guild

member since 1995

SBAY.ORG (The South Bay Community Network, Incorporated)

President, January 2007 to present
Board of Directors, 2006 to present
Active participant since 1998

Internet Lounge setup and management

Various conventions since 2002


  • Kernel Walkthrough, December, 2007
  • Linux World Expo, August, 2007
  • HantsLUG (UK), October, 2005
  • TechXNY, September, 2003
  • CABAL installfest, December, 1999
  • SacLUG, September, 1999
  • BayLISA, January and December, 1999
  • Presentation materials for other conferences -

Silicon Valley Linux User Group (SVLUG)

Member of Web Team, April 1999 to present
Member since 1995

Bay Area Linux User Group (BALUG)

Webmaster, January 1997 to 2003
Founding Member

Linux Gazette (on-line magazine)

Technical Editor, September, 2000 to May, 2006
Staff, May, 1998 to May, 2006

Further Publications