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Heather: The Origins of Starshine Services

I started Starshine when I was attending Los Angeles Valley Community College (studying, big surprise, Computer Science). The middle word has changed a few times... Tutoring, Computing... but the principle has always remained the same. Whether a business or a single person, you should not be a slave to your computer - you bought it so you can get your work done, and to make your life easier. With a few hours or a couple of days (depending on your needs) you can master what you need for day to day...

... you just might need a little help from someone who already understands the system. (Contact me if you do.)

As the years went on I became rather busy! I met my husband Jim, and worked at large software companies. When Jim expressed a desire to leave the land of cubicles, I gave him my blessing to set up my old business again. With a broader focus than I previously had, he set up a DBA in Campbell, California, where we reside. (Although we do offer service to other areas.)

Funny how things go in cycles - Jim has rejoined the corporate life at a well established company, and I have taken up and enjoy my post at a small local company too - but the world still needs people who understand the big picture. Therefore our experience sometimes has those people seeking us out for speaking engagements, teaching, or simply solving some specialized task that we're clearly perfect to solve. So we've taken up together, the role I began.

I've been asked before: Why Starshine?

Neither of those is the reason, although both are true to a limited degree.

I chose the name... for a roleplaying character in the world of Glorantha. I also have a mild but lifelong interest in astronomy and it seemed like a neat name at the time. It also fit the myths of that world very readily.

I used the 8 pointed star as her shield symbol. It was a nice geometric shape and easy to draw. It also seemed apt to have a simple symbol for a Bronze Age adventurer.

As time rolled on I played many roleplaying games and other characters, but the name stayed with me as a moniker on Bulletin Board Systems. Later it was my fan name at science fiction conventions, and my email userid on a number of sites. Thus it has become part of my whole life.

As for Amerind - I'm a fair part Mexican Indian, and have a slight link to a tribe that nomadically wandered up to Canada. I'm well attuned to the natural world, but don't fit the obvious pattern that the label 'american indian' or 'amerind' would normally describe. I also fail to fit a small stack of other obvious ethnic expectations suiting other bits of my bloodlines. In fact, I seem to be just the sort of person who doesn't fit stereotypes at all... and I like it that way. Ask my race, and what I'll tell you is: Human.

Someday, we will walk the stars. See you there!