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Heather Stern's Page

I am about to begin gainful employment at the moment. Why, if consulting is such fun, and bears a flexible schedule, did I choose to return to the corporate day-in and day-out? I enjoy the steady paycheck, the challenge, and colleagues that make me feel like I'm part of a good team.
I am only available for clients with open source work for me if it does not conflict with my day-to-day work.
No, I do not do consulting as a recruiter, and no, I can't hire you.
Still looking for me? Cool! Reach me on gmail via the account heather.starshine.stern and mention employment in the subject. You may also find my resumé handy.

Since my private life is pretty busy with computing and science fiction fandom, I don't get around to changing my personal pages a lot. For the record I'm enjoying a sunny afternoon with a proper Springlike demeanor on a cool and windy April day. Good weather for bike riding.

Together over the years, Jim and I have gathered a lot of resources. Let me know about any busted links...

I have a lot of experience you can benefit from, and an active interest in passing that knowledge to others. To this end, I am a consultant*, and also lead an active volunteerism life: