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Resources: Operating Systems

Jim and Heather each have more verbose comments about operating systems, including more outside links.

Comparisons or listings of mulitple OS'
Fari's Review of Operating Systems
Patrick Bridges' Operating Systems Projects
Server OS Technical Comparison - a huge site maintained by Milo (no last name given)
Practical Alternatives to Microsoft Operating Systems hosted by AltOS in the UK

Some sections on Yahoo! that cover this (and will hopefully have new and more up-to-date links than we can maintain):

Yahoo! - Computers and Internet: Software: Operating Systems:
Unix: BSD: FreeBSD
Unix: Linux
A bunch of NT/95 related links:
Virtually Un*x - UNIX tools ported to Windows95. Dusty, but good stuff.
OpenNT was renamed to Interix
The GNU-Win32 Project Page
JP Software's COMMAND.COM replacements eat its lunch. Highly recommended.
Realtime systems
u/COS (FTP at Cygnus Solutions) -- embeddable
Lynx Real-Time Systems Not to be confused with the Lynx text mode web browser.
RTOS OS from CMX Company
OS-9 Microware Systems' compact real-time OS, used by the Tandy CoCo (see the FAQ)
OSE Products
RTEMS Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems - source available!
RTEMS new primary site (though the other one is easier to read)
VxWorks a part of Tornado, from Wind River Systems
Real-Time Linux
Environments, not strictly speaking OS'
GNUstep Homepage
WINE - WINE is Not Emulation of MS Windows (tm)
XFree86 (tm)
MI/X is MicroImage's free X server for Macintosh or Windows
X Appeal ported to DOS (not Windows) by Xtreme (commercial/demo avail)
Random or maybe arbitrary OS links:
The Grasshopper Operating System being designed explicitly for persistent systems
Hurd (GNU Kernel)
The FreeDOS Project

About (tm) marks: I had to note UNIX (tm) since it has changed hands so many times that most people aren't sure these days. But, even if I fail to mention it, trademarks, registered trademarks, service marks, and whatever marks might be normal in other countries mentioned throughout this site are the property of their owners, blah blah blah etc. So everybody's marks are safe here.