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Resources: Linux

Linux is one of several freely available operating systems. Jim also has some more verbose comments about Linux.

Some of the handier HOWTOs (not exhaustive)
Linux High Availability HOWTO (Linux HA) Clustering for failover and robustness
Configuration HOWTO - lots of common options
Keyboard and Console HOWTO
The Linux Sound HOWTO: Supported Hardware
BootDisk HOWTO because having boot floppies is good
DOS/Windows to Linux HOWTO - You're not inexperienced, you just need a translator
Mini-HOWTOs for mixing Linux with
Win95 or another using Loadlin
DOS & Win95 & OS2 or other multiple combinations

Of course it's usually worthwhile to check the HOWTO Index: (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U.) (Sunsite, now metalab)

Embry-Riddle also hosts a public FTP server:

Support sites
Red Hat Errata - it pays to keep up on the latest fixes.
Linux Gazette Front Page - a monthly webzine which Jim and I help maintain. Not to be confused with SSC's new CMS based project.
Linux User's Support Team - an active mailing list
Users Groups can lend a hand
SVLUG (Silicon Valley Linux User Group) - 1st Wed.
BALUG (Bay Area Linux User Group) - 3rd Tues.
Groups of Linux Users Everywhere (GLUE) may list one near you!
Linux Applications and Utilities Page (text version)
LyX, the word-processor front-end for LaTeX
Linux Software -- Excellent List of HW Vendor Drivers
The Linux Game Tome
The Linux Ultra Sound Project - as in Gravis, not the CPU. Lots of related links.
The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
QSeeMe -- CU-SeeMe for Linux
The Graphics Muse
Not just for plain ol' PCs
UltraLinux: Bring Linux into the Sun
UltraLinux: Sparc Linux FAQ
Beowulf Project - Clustering for high performance
And if somehow that's not enough -
Linux Resources maintained by SSC, publishers of Linux Journal
Linux International - many mailing lists. A non-profit which coordinates volunteer effort and donations.
Linux Online!
Often considered last, though it shouldn't be... Security
The Linux-PAM System Administrators' Guide

If this still isn't enough, try searching by keyword in the Linux specific area on Google! Or, you could contact me for consulting rates. :)