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Some Samples of my Artwork

Not all of these are in a format that is readable by a web browser, so I've linked them more plainly here. This should also keep you from accidentally sucking down huge (or even kinda big) images over a slow link. All of these images are copyright Heather Stern.

Explaining RAID a bit more clearly. I created these for use in the Bradford Learning Institute training material for LPI certification.
RAID 0 on two disks (38 k)
RAID 0 on three disks (52 k)
RAID 1 - drive mirroring (60 k)
RAID 0 plus 1 - striped then mirrored (112k) (note: the worst of both worlds)
RAID 1 plus 0 - mirrored then striped (100k)
RAID 4 - two disks plus parity (91k)
RAID 5 - stripes with distributed parity (148k)
Some stuff I've done for the Answer Guy column
Half Wizard (~6 k)
Whole Wizard (~8 k)
Whole Wizard minor tweak (~5 k)
smily (277 b) and unhappy (477 b) suitable for use amid text
One of the several images I did for an IPSEC article
Spooky Internet Cloud (XCF, the native GIMP format, ~445 k)
Some character images from my gaming
Windchild base image to draw over. (~8 k) In fashion art I hear this is called a Lucy. I don't think the usual Lucy has die rolls per hit location etched into it.
Parity making magic spill from a potion. (PCX, ~34 k)
Sigwynn carving at a riverbed. (PCX, ~51 k)
From previous web work
class (~6 k) with teacher and students, gradient.

If you are interested in custom artwork, or other consulting services, please contact me for a quote.