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Resources We've Found Useful or Interesting

We have been active users of the internet for a number of years, and kept bookmarks with us as we have moved from place to place, system to system. We also have an extensive library, some of which are valuable reference works. Others are fun... valuable for refilling the empty spirit every once in a while.

Internet Bookmarks last checked May 1999

Handiest HOWTO's
Support Sites
User Groups
Not just for plain ol' PCs
Even More ... other resources
-=>Other Operating Systems
Comparisons of multiple OS'
Applicable Yahoo! sections
Win 95/WinNT related
Realtime Systems
Graphical Environments
Unusual OS' on the Net
-=>Looking for Help!
Mailing Lists
RFCs and other official standards
HOWTO iand FAQ documents
Web-based Magazines
Maintained Help Indices
-=>Aid for the Webmaster
HTML References and Validation
CGI Tips and Archives
Matters of Style
Conversion and Editing Tools
Graphics Archives and Tools
-=>Astronomy and Space Science

Our Library to be checked for the first time, May 1999

Have Some Fun last checked May 1999

The Shuttle Opensource
a new Starfleet vessel, with a mission to investigate... the Beowulf Cluster.
A Call for More Scientific Truth in Product Warning Labels
With special emphasis on meeting the additional constraint of limited space in modern packaging.
Art on the Net
Several of the artists have a special flair for cyberspace as a medium.
Learn to talk like a manager in 7 days!
You could probably combine this with a perl script to auto-generate marketing drivel.
The Jargon File
Or if you prefer to read it physically, The New Hacker's Dictionary has cartoons too.
United Media's Comics Zone
If you don't find these comics funny, practice reading them some more.
Maybe you wanted something more User Friendly
Housing in San Francisco is Unreal Estate