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I've provided this information as a resource assuming that you are interested in contacting us for business or because you're an active member of our (overlapping) communities.

We don't favor unsolicited mail. If you really feel a need to send advertisement material, though, send it to; regardless of the name, this doesn't guarantee it will be junked, though it doesn't guarantee it will be read either. However we won't flame you or offer grammar corrections services :) if this is the only site address that receives it.

Business Contact

-=>Starshine Services
Leave voice mail at (408) 761-4912 - with:
  • area code
  • phone number
  • extension uf necessary
  • a very brief description of your need
  • best time range to reach you, and maybe your timezone - describe your situation and ask your questions
-=>Community Activities - Heather Stern, Filk at Conucopia - Librarian at arms, LASFS
(also serves as Heather's alternate personal address)

Personal Contact

-=>Direct Email     Heather Stern     Jim Dennis     Terry Dennis, Jim's dad
We have two cats [kittycat](Micro and Linus), and numerous silicon lifeforms (most running Linux).

Trying to find the place? A -=>map might help. If you're coming from a long ways, take the freeways. But just so you know - we're not a store. If you want to buy something, try the nearby Westgate Mall.

  • Exiting the 17 Fwy: Your landmark is the Campbell Fry's (Hamilton exit).
    Detail maps:
    -Streets near the exit
    -The route itself
  • Exiting the 101 Fwy: Exit at Lawrence Expwy, take it south into Campbell where it changes names to Quito Road.
    Detail maps:
    -Streets near the exit
    -The route itself
  • From SF/north regions: 85 is good too, but you have to get off at Saratoga. There is no exit or entrance on Quito Rd, no matter what map books may claim. (Sneaky trick below not yet implemented)

These maps created by Yahoo! Maps using the sneaky trick of selecting my own address, then seeking a business I know near the freeway entrance. Since it thinks I'm going to these places, it gives me the local detail there.