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The Cat

You probably reached this page because you were curious about the cat icon at the bottom of our -=>home, -=>resources, or -=>contact pages. Perhaps you were curious. Congratulations on your catlike nature!

The existence of this page at all is a tribute to the days when individuals only seemed to get web pages to show off their families, pets, and favored sports. We got our own domain as technical souls wanting to have a sense of what it takes to run a domain, as well as a tribute to the tutoring business that put me through college... but our cats have their technical streak, too.

Our current kitties are Linus (no, not named after Torvalds - he enjoys blankets, so he's named after the character in Peanuts) and Micro (who is a nice big black tomcat, but was a lot tinier when he was a kitten). They enjoy playing with strings. Micro is a mighty hunter of occasional birds (which he catches live just to show off). Linus is a mighty hunter of occasional socks, but also likes to nudge the keyboard or otherwise express curiosity about what we're up to.

Our past kitty, Crystal, seemed to be a reasonable programmer, reasonably fond of string chasing and debugging. Especially debugging; moths seem to be a particular favorite. For some reason she found webs very tasty though she always merely watched curiosly any that seemed to be still in use by their owner. Alas, she died of complications after a chin infection.

However, she didn't write Chris Hull's home page -- his kitty, Orlando, did that one. It hasn't been updated in a long while, I'm afraid. They left Apple a while back.

Bowing to the desires of pals, here's some pictures:

In memory of Kahlua

If you like cats or dogs, and would like another one, consider getting one from a local animal rescue group:

They rescue abandoned pets from urban areas, foster them in member homes to tame them once again to a normal housebound life (if possible), and then find good homes for them.

There are occasional local events at PetSmart where one can meet such rejuvenated pets and consider becoming their new family.

There are many no-kill shelters or "retirement homes" for pets. They make an effort to find new homes for animals rather than end their lives needlessly.