Technical Services a Sole Proprietorship based in California's Silicon Valley, specializing in Linux, FreeBSD, and online solutions to business problems.

Since we're both fully employed at the moment, we may simply connect you with the local sysadmin community. Just so you know!

[rising star] Good evening, I'm Heather Stern and you're welcome to stay and enjoy the resources and notes we've gathered. Our local wiki, SysadMoin, is under renovation. We hope you find our goodies useful.

[answer wizard] My husband, Jim Dennis, is one of three co-authors on the book "Linux System Administration" - and he continues to be the Linux Gazette Answer Guy and a member of the Answer Gang. He loves teaching advanced courses in Linux systems administration, networking, security, shell scripting, and UNIX programming. He's been known to work for a living, too.

We have occasionally spoken at technical conferences (such as TechXNY's "Liinux Boot Camp" track).

When creating graphics, I prefer small art, suitable for web use. I used to do a lot of pencil sketches as well. You can see some of my work if you like.

This site is Open To Any Browser - if yours isn't, or you're not sure, I can help you to be certain all your customers can see you in the best light.

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